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Enhancing Growth

Seed Equity

So your company has reached its full capacity with private funding but you still have bigger plans ahead. Why not let us help you acquire more funds? We provide assistance in listing at Hong Kong Stock Exchange for Primary and Secondary Board. 

As at 31 December 2017

Some criteria for Main Board Listing : 

- Trading record of not less than 3 financial year

- Profit of HK$20 million for the most recent year and an aggregate of HK$30 million for the preceding 2 years.

- Revenue of at least HK$500 million for the most recent audited financial year. 


Some criteria for Secondary Board Listing :

- Trading record of not less than 2 financial year

- Positive cash flow generated from operating activities of at least HK$30 million in aggregate for the 2 preceding financial year. 

- No profit requirement.

*Confused? Why not contact us to plan for your exit strategy.

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