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GST Filing/ Company Registration, Singapore

Having trouble keeping up with the GST Filing requirements? Let our experts help you out. We can advise you on your best GST filing cycle, and will perform necessary quarterly GST filing as per statutory requirement. Our GST Filing Service would include:
- GST Compliance
- GST Advice and Planning
- GST Health Check

When do I need to register my company for GST?
- Your taxable turnover exceeded $1 million.
- You can reasonably expect your taxable turnover in the next 12 months to be more than $1 million.


Special exceptions to the above criteria : 

You will NOT be required to register for GST if:


 - Your taxable turnover is wholly or mainly from zero-rated supplies 

 - You are liable for GST registration under the retrospective view but not under the prospective view and the following conditions are met: 

 1. You are certain that your taxable revenue for the next 12 months will not exceed $1 million

 2. The taxable revenue is projected to be lower due to specific circumstances (e.g. downsizing of business)

 3. You have supporting documentation to substantiate your projection

 However, if you are not liable for GST registration, you may still choose to do so voluntarily after careful consideration. 

* There are other specific requirements in play as well. Why not call us to check on your company's accounts.

GST Filing/ Registration: Service
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